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Here is some facts from the 70's.
Fill free to print them onto paper for personal use!


Population: 204,879,000
Average Life Expectancy: Male, 67.1; Female, 74.8
Average Salary: $7,564
Unemployed in 1970: 4,088,000
National Debt: $382 Billion
Milk: 33 cents a qt.
Bread: 24 cents a loaf
Round Steak: $1.30 a pound
Ronald McDonald House Charity began in the USA in 1974
George Harrison first Beatle to have #1 solo hit (1970)
First person on the cover of the first "People" magazine- Mia Farrow (1974)
Saturn was first visited by Pioneer 11 in 1979
In 1975 the Mediterranean threatened Californias $16 billion agricultural industry

Sundial Rotating

Statue of Liberty