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That 70s cowboy Presents.....

Welcome to my home page filled with fun and interesting things about the seventies. There will be websites and links to various websites and artists of the 70's music and today's music for the Return of "Popular Request"

Visit the Super 70s Website at:

or visit the Popualr Request at:

I will update this every week ASAP!

The dj's on The Super 70's include

The Host:Johnny Brovo
Disco Stu
That 70's Cowboy
Dirt Bag

The dj's for Popular ReQuest:
Dj Andy
Dj Brad
Dj Anthony
Dj Eric
Dj Chris
Dj Adam

I will update this in one week from know or sooner or E-mail me if you want to be on the Friday show for the youger kids show or the saturday show for the older crowd.

The firday show will be today's music
The saturday show will be the 70's music and only people over 16 can be a dj or can help.