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The Worlds Top 10 List


Top 10 Scariest places in the world for the week of November 4-10th 2001

10. Bermuda Triangle
9. Haunted Hollywood
8. Tower of London
7. Mtter Museum of Medical History
6. Gettysburg
5. New Orleans
4. Salem
3. Roswell
2. Winchester Mystery House
1. Lizzie Borden Bed-and-Breakfast

The Top 10 Freebies for the week of Novembr 11-17th of 2001

1.Free Email
2.Free Internet Access
3.Free Computer
4.Free Web Hosting
5.Click Rewards
6.Get Paid to Surf
7.Screen Savers
8.Free Banners
9.Exchange Coupons Discounts
10.Affiliate Programs

Top 10 Web Services for the week of November 18-24th 2001

2.Free Music
4.Pay Bills Online
5.Electronic Wallets
6.Send Flowers online
7.Find a Job
8.Buy Gifts Online
9.Extra income
10.Discount Travel