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Quesiton of the Day

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Which actors played brothers in the 1988 Barry Levinson film Rain Man, and what was the physical condition of the main character?


Dustin Hoffman / Tom Cruise / Raymond Babbitt was Autistic Savant

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Can you identify an English word whose spelling contains the five vowels a-e-i-o-u in that order?

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name, home town, state or country,
to ... djandrew2003@yahoo.com

Under "Subject" write "Contest."

What 20th century painting style, developed in Paris, is characterized by abstract geometric shapes?

Jim Carrey played what character in the critically-praised film The Truman Show?

He was a disciple of Plato for almost 20 years, as well as Alexander the Great's teacher for 9 years. Who was he?

You might call this the "refrigerator" of birds. It is so heavy, between 200-300 pounds, and so tall, up to 8 feet, that it can't fly. What kind of bird is it?

What Ohio-born inventor held over 1,000 patents, including one for the invention of the motion-picture projector?

The Japanese dish of deep-fried vegetables and seafood is known by what name?

Tiger Woods won the Master's Golf Tournament in April, 1997, at the age of 21.
a. In which city is the Master's Tournament played?
b. Where did Tiger Woods attend college?
c. What is his real first name?

Identify these words beginning with Q:
a. A four-footed animal
b. To drink a beverage with gusto
c. A predicament; a state of uncertainty or perplexity

What is the national motto of the United States?

Questions for the Week of: October 15 to October 20, 2001
E-mail me at djandrew2003@yahoo.com for any trivia about anything!

2. Cubism
3. Truman Burbank
4. Aristotle
5. Ostrich
6. Thomas Edison
7. Tempura
8. a. Augusta, Georgia
9. b. Stanford University
10. c. Eldrick
11. a. Quadruped
12. b. Quaff
14. c. Quagmire or Quandary
15. In God We Trust